We have gift cards.  They allow you to give a gift to someone that will allow them to eat healthier, while at the same time giving them choices.  Any gift cards purchased prior to April 1st will be discounted 3%. You must purchase for either Burr Oak products or Trokey products. in $25 increments

Market Shares are best used by regular customers. Those who have purchased them have found them to be a great way to both save money and relieve stress.  It works like a prepaid gift card, except the discount is larger.   Burr Oak Farm Shares are sold in $110 increments and if ordered by January 30th, with a $25 deposit per $110, are on sale for $99. They may be used to purchase Burr Oak Farm products (seasonal produce, yeast breads, pork, bedding plants) at any market we attend or by appointment at the farm. For example, you may order $220 for $198, etc 

We are also offering Trokey shares (daughter) and you may purchase them in $50 increments for $45, with a $10 deposit per $50. They are good for most of the jams and jellies, sweet breads, beef, lamb, and chicken as available.

Those who own market shares also have the advantage of being able to send us an order in advance and having us have it ready to go when they arrive and all they have to do is swipe the card, so it is a time saver AND it means we won’t run out of a product before you arrive. You also have the privilege of picking up at the farm, by appointment.

Go to the New Products page to order: