We have Burr Oak Farm gift cards.  You may purchase them as a gift to someone else, such as a parent, grown child, or good friend, that will allow them to eat healthier, while at the same time giving them choices. You may also purchase cards for YOURSELF

Regardless of who you purchase them for, you can save a significant amount of money by buying them pre season. Gift cards for others may be purchased in $25 increments for either Burr Oak Farm (pork,duck, eggs, some produce and yeast breads. bedding plants, cut flowers in season) or Trokey products (beef, chicken, and lamb, most jams and some produce, as well as the sweet breads and bakery treats) If purchased by the opening market, there is a 3% discount. They are good for the entire season

Gift Cards your YOURSELF are best used by regular customers. Those who have purchased them have found them to be a great way to both save money and relieve stress.  The discount is larger.   Burr Oak Farm Shares are sold in $100 increments and if purchased by February 28th, cost only $90. They may be used to purchase Burr Oak Farm products . See above for products covered

We are also offering Trokey shares (daughter) and you may purchase them in $50 increments for $45 by February 28th.

With each passing month the Gift Cards for YOURSELF discount gets smaller. During March, it is 8%, during April, it is 6% and at the first market in May, it is 5%. No discount will be offered after the first Saturday in May.

Ask about our Multi season cards which offer a great deal more flexibility.

We ask that you order these cards in person, rather than through the web site. We realized after last year that the website automatically charges you for postage which is N/A and then charges us a 3% charge for running it through their processor. Contact us via text or phone 816-739-7532, email to: burroakfarm64071@yahoo.com or message us on our Facebook page: Burr Oak Farm and make arrangements for payment there. We ask that you pay by check, cash, or SMS messenger, all of which carry no fee. Paying by card incurs a fee which we can not absorb in addition to the discount.