From Burr Oak Farm

  • Seasonal Produce
  • American Guinea Hog cross pork
  • unusual jams and jellies
  • White,  Farmer's and Honey Wheat bread and cinnamon rolls made from high quality ingredients.  Ground non GMO grain with no additives, non- bromated, Organic cane sugar, yeast, filtered water, olive oil, raw honey, sea salt. Rolls have pure vanilla extract and maple flavoring. We make our own confectioner's sugar from the Organic cane sugar
  • Brown eggs from Free Range hens

From Trokey's farm (daughter)

  • Pastured poultry, cut-up, fed supplemental organic feed
  • Lamb (from hair sheep, no lanolin taste)
  • pastured beef, supplemented in winter with small amounts of non GMO corn
  • wide array of jams and jellies all made from local fruit
  • Sweet breads, Amish Friendship, Banana, and in season, zucchini and pumpkin and occasionally specialty breads (a big hit last year was the strawberry zucchini)
  • crocheted and embroidery gift items in early and late season.